Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another busy day!

I have been feeling so much better lately, which is great since I have so much to do and need the energy! Today we all slept in, which was a wonderful treat. After that, the kids did a quick straightening up and I headed to the grocery store. Back home to make the kids a hot lunch, then got all but one thing graded. Ryan finished the wall that needed to be patched and I started the painting, and while only about 25% of the room is painted, I LOVE the color! It is a really warm brown, and looks a bit like hot chocolate...mmmm! Tonight I will put the second coat on these walls and finish cutting in the lower walls. We are always in the family room, and I wanted it to be warm and inviting, and this really works.

After the room is painted, we will move the new television stand, desk and end table in and it will be perfect. This was one of the big tasks that I needed done before the new baby comes this summer. The other big task is the carpet in the playroom...we found what we want to put down, but it will need to wait until after the planting is done. I am also considering painting that room before the new carpet goes in, but I am not sure what I want to do. I do know that we will be putting in a new larger blackboard area and Ryan plans to put in more shelving, but for some reason I cannot decide on a color I love. I am sure it will come to me!

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