Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Seniority and my job(s) rock!

I have to admit I may have the best work life ever. While they don't pay me the big bucks, I love that both my jobs treat me with respect and seem to care that I am happy and content and doing well. FT allows me to work from home, to put the kids on the bus, get them off, make dinner, play with them, do homework and travel....that is pretty awesome! Unlike lots of other work from home jobs, I have no set hours, and while that means I work weekends and holidays, I also work when I want to. Plus it is hard to over look the eight weeks a year I get off and the additional 8 weeks of maternity leave I will get at 100% pay...oh and they pay for my doctorate, sweet!

My PT gig is also great, and while I sometimes dread actually getting dressed and GOING to campus, I love my students and the interaction I have with them. In addition, they also treat me really well and seem concerned that I am happy in my position. Today I had to run up there to drop off paperwork for a student and saw my boss. She was playing with Grayson and chit chatting and just being awesome, as usual. Plus she told me I ALWAYS have first pick of my course sections because I have seniority, and for Fall term that means I can teach the Weds night and Friday afternoon classes so the baby and Grayson will always be with Ryan...gotta love that schedule :)

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