Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I am tired

I am tired of hub bub, and drama, and hysterics. Tired of tall tales, outright lies, and misgivings. Tired of trying and doing and caring. Tired of judgment and criticism and cutting words. I am tired of it all.

No more of this in my life, it is not welcome, wanted, desired or deserved. I am tired of all of it and it weighs me down and dims my kid's smiles and makes me frown when I should be beaming. I don't care if you don't like my beliefs, thoughts, feelings, wants, needs, doings, comings or goings, as they are mine and mine alone. No judgment can fall here, take it along on your way, as we are a fine and happy bunch.

I am just tired.


Casey said...

prRock on!! You just keep being the amazing you that you are and brush the rest of the yucky stuff away.

Hang in there.

Casey said...

"prRock" on? I have no idea what that was about. :) Sorry!

Tribe Mama said...

Thanks Casey, I like the prRock, sounds like it has a hard edge to it, like a growl, prrrrrrROCK!

Thankfully the catalyst to the drama is gone...we can keep trucking on and TRYING to be fabulous. Thanks for the pick me up!