Saturday, February 28, 2009

Looking on the bright side my MIL may or may not move in, and we have no vacation next week, but I am going to post all the GOOD things :)

1. I am finally feeling better...I hope it lasts, but I will totally take it for now!

2. Guess who just ordered the first group of cloth diapers? Me me me!!! I am trying out a bunch of things, prefolds, all in ones and fitteds...I am even being super brave and getting a few fleece and wool longies. My plan...get a few things at a time and then when the baby comes, see what we like best and invest in more of those. There are a million choices, so I know something will work...and even the hubby is on board!

3. Gues who hasn't ordered any maternity clothes? again! So far I don't need them, although a few shirts may be needed in the next month...but my pants and skirts are all working for me, pays to lose a ton of weight before getting pregnant.

4. My pantry is super stocked...that always makes me happy. It also makes it easy to make dinner.

5. We got the swing and bassinet down and while both need a good cleaning, they are good to go.

6. I am thinking of going to my mom's after easter, and then I am going to make her teach me to use the sewing machine...while she is teaching me I am going to get her to help me make a bunch of pants for the baby and if it is a girl, a few jumpers.

7. Since we aren't going away, I have a little extra cash to put towards baby gear and I can get what I want.

8. It is almost garden season...for us this means we have food for the summer and some to put away for winter, delicious, home grown, organic food.

9. My ultrasound is on Friday and the first thing i want to know is that the baby is a-ok, the second thing is if it is a boy or girl.

10. My whole house is clean...well there is laundry, but other wise we are in a good place.

11. My two weeks off will give me ample time to paint the family room :)

This is just a sampling, so I should be thankful not sad!

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