Tuesday, February 17, 2009


My boy makes me laugh. Last night I came home from class around 11 and he was up. The sitter said he was having a rough night and missed us. So when I went to bed, he came with me. I was watching TV and I thought he was sleeping when he rolled over. This was the conversation:

Gray "Did you know there is a place called Tempurpedic?

Me "Um, did you say Tempurpedic?"

Gray "Yes, you know Tempurpedic...you sleep there"

Me (laughing) "Oh, ok."

Gray "This bed" (pointing to my bed)"Has metal springs and they add to our pain"

Me (now laughing really hard) "So what is the Tempurpedic made out of?"

Gray "I don't know. It is magic and you can make handprints in it!"

I am not sure where he saw the commercial enough times to MEMORIZE it! Maybe he is an advertising genius :)

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