Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A super fun trip to the ER

Last night the pain in my face became so bad that I couldn't see, I was having a hard time breathing, was sick to my stomach and had a hard time standing. I was supposed to give an exam, but needed to go to the hospital and was very concerned that the racing heart was going to cause me issues with my heart condition or hurt the baby. Ryan and the kids drove me and it was so packed with sick people that I wouldn't let the kids come in for fear that would catch something. Ryan went to Emily's with the kids, they had supper and she helped them pass the time (thanks Em!) and then Ryan took the kids home. Meanwhile I sat in the waiting room for a few hours, went to triage, had blodd drawn and then went back to the waiting room. Then I saw a nurse and a Physician's Assistant who after poking me and telling me my blood work was OK with the exception of bad anemia and low potassium, they were discharging me! Before I could say anything, she was gone and then Emily showed up. I was so upset since they never even checked on why I was in pain, or if the baby was OK! She came, then a new really crazy nurse named Judy came in and we told her we were really upset about not seeing a doctor given how sick I have been and the fact that an ongoing infection is dangerous when you have a heart condition.

The nurse went and explained to the PA who came in and was appalled that we wanted to see a real doctor that she wasn't good enough! Needless to say, the doctor came in and was very nice, we expressed our concerns and he moved on it. They checked the baby's heartbeat, which he said they should have done from the start, and sent me for a facial x-ray. He also snuck in a portable ultrasound and tried to find the baby...he is out of practice but there were a few glimpses of he/she bouncing about. The ended up saying it is just a sinus infection and gave me a new antibiotic, new pain meds and a nasal spary. Fingers crossed this third round knocks it out.

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Ree said...

I will pray that this is it for you!! Feel better!!