Monday, February 9, 2009

Terrible and awful

I am overwhelmed...VERY overwhelmed. I counted that last week between the two jobs and school I put in 90 hours! That is nuts. I have been crying most of the morning due to a combo of still feeling shitty/tooth pain/technology at PT school/FT school general work/life as a whole.

I am getting stuff done, but it is at the expense of me getting any time to rest or relax. This has got to end! Tomorrow I have an OB appointment AND a dentist appointment. I also have a paper to write, grading to do and general upkeep. Right now I just finished course checks, emails and getting gray and feeding him. I am off to do dishes, prep paperwork for tonight, eat something, clean up the house and start dinner. Then off to campus, home to check in with work and finish my evaluation. The day will end around 1 am :(

OK, that is all the blogging time I have for today!

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A Jersey Girl said...

You need more hours in the day because less to do is not going to happen.