Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Updates and schedules

Cardiologist appointment scheduled for April-new doc, claims to be easy going....we will see.

Hematologist appointment scheduled for March so I don't bleed to death...good plan.

OB sonogram, the super fun one, scheduled for March 6th.....very excited.

OB appointment scheduled for St. Patty's day....the corned beef and cabbage will have to start late that day, and well, no beer for me, green or otherwise.

Dentist says pain is NOT due to dental work needed, just a raging infection. New antibiotics and pain meds. This kid will be an addict before he/she is born.

Dentist appointment next week for check up.

Rescheduling consult with oral surgeon re wisdom tooth...sick of the doctor and dentist.

This is just through the first week of April :)

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