Sunday, February 15, 2009

A time to plan

Spring is creeping up on us and around here that means planning. We start planning the gardens, the flowers, the tasks that we must do each spring and summer...and let me tell you, there is always a lot!

We have been on the fence about chickens for a few years, and we finally decided that this year we would get on building the coop and run. Then, if we find some older pullets, we will get them, otherwise next year we will order baby chicks. The farm had extra pullets for sale last year, so that would be ideal, they are older and closer to laying, and I don't have to mess with raising baby chicks along with being preggers and having to do the spring workload.

One big item on the agenda, besides the coop, is to get the seed order placed. We are going to try heirloom seeds this year, and I am hoping they will be fruitful. Ryan also needs to get the garden prepped and the grow station up so we can start the seeds next month. Often we wait too long to plant in the ground, this year we will use the biodegradable mulch material to raise the ground temp, and plant early. I also need to get the soaker hoses to weave through the garden and I may install a barrel at the top of the hill to collect rainwater we can use with the soakers.

Spring is such an exciting time for us...I can't wait to get started!

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