Monday, February 23, 2009

Hey...who wants to hear more complaining?????

Sorry, but I have more to share. I swear I am not usually a whiner, and I have been preggers three other times, but this one is just sucky. I have felt like crap since the day I got pregnant, between morning sickness, two..YES TWO rounds of the stomach flu, a the evil sinus/tooth/face infection that still is lingering and the inability to eat...I am miserable. When I say I can't eat, I mean I REALLY can't less than what a normal person snacks on a day on most days. This is leading me to feel very tired and weak and it makes me worry about how the baby is doing. I am heading to Richmond to see a doc tomorrow and I hope he can make me feel a little better. Maybe I will be eating again soon, although it stinks that I have to waste the one day I planned to stay home all day and clean.

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Ree said...

AAWWW I hope you start feeling better soon!