Friday, February 13, 2009

FInding the truth in it all

The last few weeks have been hard to say the least...but that is how life goes right? There are moments when it becomes clear how far you have come. This week I was saying that less than nine years ago my dreams were quite different. When Haven was born, all I wanted was my own home,and where we live, that was a townhouse. I wanted one so badly, but it never seemed to be a reality, yet when she was a mere 3 weeks old, we signed on our first home. It was a brand new townhome, under construction, and we were simply over the moon! While pining for that house, the only other two things I wanted in the world was a minivan (!) and to be able to be home with my baby. I got my minivan just before Brittan was born just two years later, and traded that van in a few years ago for my Trailblazer that I LOVE. I also did stay home, work part time and then full time again for a few years. Now, as I head into having baby #4 I am shocked at how different our world is. We have a nice home with plenty of room for us..having sold the townhome five years ago when we moved here. I have a car that will fit us all and has all the comforts...although I am not sure where we will put luggage when we travel :) I work from home with the exception of the two classes I teach on campus...which is more than I could have imagined. I cannot wait to see where we are in another 9 years!

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