Friday, February 13, 2009

A bowl of slop

I don't eat much for breakfast most days, if anything at all. That being said, lately I just don't eat much period....this could be why I am losing weight during my pregnancy, but I just not hungry most days. However, I am VERY excited that that the whole tribe is going out to dinner tonight...a rare treat for everyone and I have been craving a certain dish that I am thrilled to be having no cooking :)

This morning I woke up FAMISHED! Nothing has been sounding good lately, but this morning I wanted a bowl of slop. What, pray tell, is a bowl of slop? It is a yummy breakfast that isn't pretty to look at but is so good. Here is what I do, I take a small onion and grate it on a box will make you cry. Then I take a potato, skin on and washed, and grate it too. Throw both in the cast iron skillet with a plop of butter and let it cook, stirring often. You need the potatoes to get cooked so don't cook too fast, but when they are almost done, you want to crisp things up a bit. You can also add the meat of your choice or peppers, tomatoes, etc. I had a slice of leftover cooked bacon I diced up and threw in. Next I took an egg and scrambled it in a cup, and diced up some montarey jack cheese....any kind you like will work. Threw that together, cooked it with the onion, potato and bacon, salt and pepper and put it in a bowl with some diced tomatoes. Oh my gosh...not pretty to look at but so yummy, filling and comforting!

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Ree said...

I know exactly what you are talking about. We call it a breakfast skillet. They actually sell a frozen mix where all you add is the eggs! I believe there are different brands, as well. Your right - it doesn't look very good, but it sure taste yummy!!! We actually have it for dinner. Which is actually funny b/c I was just thinking the other day about getting the ingredients b/c we haven't had it in quite a while!!