Saturday, February 28, 2009

Do the gods just hate me???? it has been a crummy run. Last week was the fun trip to the I think the sinus thing is finally moving out and in place my wisdom tooth is killing me! Back to the dentist I guess to see the oral surgeon so he can rip it out of my face while I am still awake! Then yesterday I called the resort that we were supposed to head to in a week to check the reservation, etc. I cannot explain to you how excited I was about this trip. We had been waiting over a year to go to this place, it was all prepaid and it is a timeshare so the accommodations are super comfy. We cannot go anywhere for a long time with the baby coming, so we needed this trip, hell I NEEDED this trip! All moms know that the only way you can catch any notion of a break is to get away from home.

So when I am talking to the people, we find out that the whole place is under construction, and there is only internet in the lobby...which I would have to drive to...multiple times per day.....since I WORK from home and work when we are away. So now we can't go, I can't miss an entire week while classes are going on! Usually it is such a blessing to work my job, no set hours and no set location, I have worked from the beach, Disney, etc and never had an issue...but now we are trapped at home. It was my spring break from PT school and the hubby took off, the kids were getting to take a week off of school and now they are very sad, we all are. The trip will still get taken, but not for a few years when we will use the points to go to Disney with all FOUR kids. Damn resort :(

So now we have all this time off and no where to go...except now the hubby thinks we should go up to NY for the weekend to help push his mother along. I would be happy to go if it meant we could do something remotely fun, like take the kids to the city, but I am sure I will get trapped in the yucky house cleaning and packing. Argh, not what I had planned for a vacation :(

On the bright side, we got down the bassinet and the swing and both look to be in decent condition. I am on the hunt for a replacement swing pad, ours is almost 7 years old, but worse comes to worse ole' Nana will be making one.

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