Thursday, February 19, 2009

My (current) baby

Grayson is totally his mama's boy. He loves me wholly and I him...and he is always the first to hug and kiss me and defend and protect me. The last few months he has not been sleeping well, waking up crying most nights by 9:30. Since Ryan works nights, I allow Gray to sleep with me. We have always been cosleepers, when they are born they sleep with us and the are welcome to stay as long as the want. Gray and Brittan started sleeping in their own beds around 18 months and both slept well...Haven on the other hand only started sleeping through the night in her room last year. Since Gray was sick last year and was in the hospital, he has never slept the same. It makes Ryan crazy, but I know that he needs it. Plus I get a few special morning snuggles!

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