Sunday, February 1, 2009

Joys of starting over

I am so excited to be adding a new baby to our family I can barely contain myself most days. This child is very, very wanted and was a long time waiting and wanting. I have always wanted four children, but after having my other three so close together, I just couldn't have another one two years after Gray was born. So I worked hard on getting healthy, and on getting my career to a place where adding another child would be easier that in previous times. Then I had to convince Ryan who was content with our family....but obviously he was swayed :)

Being that my youngest will be almost 5 when the new babe is born, this is a whole new adventure. It feels so indulgent, having children who can do most things for themselves, and I am really trying to enjoy the whole process this time around. I really like being pregnant, even when it makes me pukey and sore, I love the idea of what is going on inside and what a miracle it all is. I love when we get to the stage where I can feel the baby moving all the time, I have felt a few small flutters, but I love the big kicks, rolls and hiccups.

The other positive this time around is that I can learn from the past and make choices based upon my experience. I know what items I will use, sling, bouncer, those will be dusted off or borrowed or bought. I have my old pouch sling from when I had Brittan, and I also used it with Gray. I love that sling, and will use it again, but I am planning to add a wrap sling as well so I can get more use out it, I remember with Gray I wanted something to help when he was 17 months old and not walking!

I also plan to cloth diaper, although my husband is a bit wary. He has agreed to go with me to a seminar to learn more, and I think it will be fine. I like the all in one, one size diapers, they are just like disposables but better for the environment and baby bottoms. I am a realist and know that this may not work for us when the time comes, and I may need to use disposables some of the time as well....for those I will use Earth's Best.

Lastly comes feeding...any men reading may wish to switch blogs now.

I breastfed all my kids, but struggled with Britt and Gray. With Haven it was a breeze and she thrived. I weaned her at 7 months as I had switched her caregiver and couldn't nurse her midday like I had been,she would have easily made it the year. Britt's delivery was horrible and I was very sick afterwards so we had a rough start. She did ok, but we always had to supplement. Add to that that I had a crazy two year old running amok, so it was hard to find the time to dedicate to nursing her as needed. With Gray, he was a great nurser, but my supply was low and now I had a two year old and a four year old, so I had even less time!

This time I get two months paid off from work, so I can dedicate myself to the baby. I will be heading back to PT school about 6 weeks after the new babe comes, but being that I only teach two days a week, I will have stored away enough to cover those few bottles. I want it to work, and work well, this time.

So now I am just enjoying the what ifs of this stage. In about 5 weeks we will know the gender of the baby and the real fun can begin. I cannot wait to start digging through the gear to see what we have and what we need, and then I am off with Em to shop shop shop!

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