Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Late to bed early to rise

No sleep for the weary here. I am very tired of feeling crappy and in pain and would like to get back to my regularly scheduled posts about work and kids and school and vacuuming...but alas,I can't. Another long day yesterday and no sleep last night thanks to the throbbing in my mouth. On the bright side, the kids will get a nice hot breakfast! On the down side, I feel like shit.

I see the OB at 1...that should be pretty standard except I haven't been taking enough iron due to the plague. I then see the dentist at 6 and I am not even sure he will be able to do anything tonight and tomorrow I have to teach. I need this pain to go away, it now hurts worse than when before I had the root canal :(

So here I sit....it willbe another long day with lots to do and I will do it as I should. I am tired of complaining and would really like to feel better, because this is about the worst thing I have ever gone through and it is a painful and lonely place to be.

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