Monday, September 1, 2008

CSA, Cookies and more!

Tomorrow school starts, and like any big event, we have to have all of the hoopla leading up to it! This morning the kiddos and I will go pick up the CSA and hubby has been kind enough to stop at the store on his way home for the onions I forgot. Then we are home to make cookies for the first day, it has become a tradition. I also must finish scrubbing the counters with a wire brush so I can reseal the counter tops and FINALLY put my kitchen back together!

The girls have their outfits all picked out, school supplies were dropped off last week and lunches will be packed up tonight. Tomorrow, we will walk to the bus stop, and for the first year, they will ride the bus to school the first day. This is also the first year, they will ride both ways, except the mornings Grayson has school, then I will have to drop them off so I have time to haul him across town.

In light of Haven's recent diagnosis, I will need to write a note to her teacher explaining where we are in the process of getting her condition confirmed, and I will also need to meet with the school nurse. As a kid with food allergies, if she had a grand mal seizure at school they would probably believe it was her food allergy and give her her epi. Now that we know....we can avoid problems.

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Never a dull moment there!