Monday, September 1, 2008

More randomness

See what happens when I sit to finally eat lunch...hint, that could have been the wooziness since I don't eat breakfast and didn't eat much dinner last night.

So, while eating and surfing, I saw the report on Palin's daughter. I don't like to talk politics too much, with too many people, as I find that most are unwilling to even consider an opposing viewpoint. I have no designated party, and I am liberal on a lot of topics.

Anywho, I am confused by the fact that McCain knew that Palin's daughter was pregnant and somehow felt it was in line with his message. My main issue is that from my understanding of most Christian, conservative, Republicans, that sex before marriage is a no-no, that getting pregnant before marriage is a no-no, that having an abortion is a no-no. What confuses me is that this young lady did two out of the three no-no's, but we are praising her and her mother? Now, I know that girls have sex before marriage, get pregnant and get abortions, and I am okay with it and accept it. I won't condemn my girls if any of those took place, would I be scared, sad and worried, yes, but I won't tell them that any of those choices are wrong.

I am just surprised that it is preached not to have sex and get pregnant because it is wrong, but then we praise her for not having an abortion, and getting married at 17? Is it ok if they get divorced when they are 20 because they were way too young for everything that happened? I am not saying that I think she should have an abortion or that she doesn't deserve support, I think it is great her family is standing behind her. I am just confused on why it is ok to break some rules, but not others.


A Jersey Girl said...
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A Jersey Girl said...

I was going to leave a comment, but had too much to say.

Tribe Mama said...

haha, i figured you might.

I am not judging, I mean hell, I have made lots of mistakes, those mistakes, but come on, one non sin out does two sins? Since when?