Saturday, September 13, 2008

Such a busy day!

I always hold out hope that Saturday will be a quiet at home day, but it never happens.

Britt had soccer pictures at 9:15 this morning and then an 11 o'clock game. We came home, I fed the kids lunch and the kids picked the garden. We got another huge haul of tomatoes, both the yellow pear and the jersey, as well as the last of the carrots and a cucumber! So I had a counter full of produce, so I put a bunch of the yellow pear tomatoes in with some garlic to roast. I figure they will make a nice salsa tomorrow to go along with the tortilla soup I have planned. Then I decided to start dinner, which is homemade mac and cheese and cucumber and tomato salad. Then, because I don't have enough to do, I made a chocolate pudding pie with a Nilla wafer crust for dessert. Since I need to run out to the store this evening, I will grab some cream and make fresh whipped cream for the pie. I have four more assignments to grade, a paper to write, a ton of laundry to wash and fold and a house to clean. If I can just get the grading done soon, I can dust, switch laundry and vacuum before dinner, and while the family eats, I can go to the store. See, never a light day!

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