Sunday, September 21, 2008

Not too frantic

It has been a reasonably good day. The kids have played well, my mom had a brainstorm and moved the kid's little table into the kitchen where they have been happily playing with play doh! I had leftover pasta that will now become baked spaghetti and I am making french bread, along with salad and brownies for dessert.

I made a huge dent in Christmas shopping for the kids, Grayson is basically done, Britt needs two more things and Haven needs one, plus stocking stuffers. I love getting Christmas done before Halloween, it makes the holidays so much more enjoyable!

Now I am off to switch laundry, my mom got us all caught up, so I REFUSE to fall behind :)


A Jersey Girl said...

I know the laundry feeling. Since my mom was here and did the laundry, I refuse to let it go- My mom won't be back until November:)

Tribe Mama said...

At least your mom will come back and do it, it took a major health scare to get mine to!

Maybe my MIL will move in and I can make it her job :)

Hey think, if she does, we can go away for weekends and she can watch the dogs, or even better, Ben can buy that house and we can spend the summer there!

Ree said...

Baked spaghetti sounds good! You'll have to give up the recipe!!
I would LOVE to get my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving, but when things are this tight it usually ends up scattering around the week prior to Christmas with the last check that comes in!!
Maybe one day we'll hit the lottery!!
I know how it is with the laundry!! Hubby just can't understand WHY I am always behind!!