Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dinner is cooking

So, I pulled my head out of my laptop long enough to break up 14000 fights between my children, go pick a few yellow tomatoes and start dinner. It always makes me sad to see all those green tomatoes on the vines, so this year we plan to use them, and the girls have been sent picking!

The yellow tomatoes are roasting with garlic for salsa, I should have had a pint of tomatoes from the CSA, but I have no clue what my mom did with them! I have ground beef, onion, jalapeno and garlic cooking, and it will be mixed with black beans, spices and chopped green tomatoes. I will serve all over rice with cheddar cheese and the salsa. I am guess cornbread on the side. Did I mention that almost everything is local and organic? What a spoiled family!

1 comment:

A Jersey Girl said...

Your kids were good! We had atleast 14001 here today:)