Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oh my my

There has been some heated debates on blogs I follow, everything from gay and lesbian rights, to abortion, to big government. I personally have my own beliefs and they in no way adhere to any party. There are issues on which I am conservative, others liberal, but personal freedom is always a top priority. I despise when people hide behind their faith or their politics, I believe it is important to develop your own ideas and then see where they fit in. Education on issues is important, and necessary, and while I will debate any topic with anyone, I will walk away of you are uneducated on the issues. My faith is not your faith, so do not tell me that is why you believe the way you do, it doesn't hold water with me, holy or otherwise.

I implore you all, especially mothers, to take the time to read all you can on government, law and politics. We are rearing the future at home, and they will be the decision makers. If you have a belief, own it, stand up and shout it, and respectfully discuss it. Be open to sharing your beliefs, but also be open to hearing the beliefs of others, there is no one truth. As for voting, if you vote party, then say you do, say it doesn't matter who the candidate is or what they believe. If you don't vote party, then seek out information on BOTH candidates and their running mates. Know all there is to know and don't believe the jabs candidates make at one another, it is all easily skewed. Look at voting records, candidate statements and their history, find out what you can, I think many will be surprised by both parties, there are many shades of blue and red.


A Jersey Girl said...

You liberal Waco! I have never heard you side with anything conservative. I mean really, the least you could do is be honest with your readers on your ultra-liberal views:)

Seriously, how annoying is it to argue with uneducated, uninformed people. Drives me crazy!

Tribe Mama said...

You lie-you know occasionally I side with those stinkin conservatives!

A Jersey Girl said...

I know you do:)