Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dreary, dreary, weak and weary

It is one of those, grab your favorite comforter and snuggle up days. I have had a few calls, done a little housework, but mostly tried to enjoy the darkness that the clouds have brought. It would be a perfect day if only I didn't have to go out tonight. We have open house at school, so I will need to change out of my super comfy pants and tank top and hoodie into something presentable. Ah bleck, that is about the last thing I want to do!

In a few minutes I will switch the laundry, start the dinner and get ready for the girlies coming home. We have a sitter coming at 6:30 and it isn't my normal sitter so I feel like we need to be a bit more together. Homework will need to be done, I need to do posts, and then we will go. Oh to just be able to snuggle up instead....


Ree said...

I HEAR ya sister!! It's been damp & dark here--awaiting the RAIN!! BLAHHHH
Oh and Princess had us up @4:30am!! She had to use the potty (yeah) but never went back to sleep (bah)!!

A Jersey Girl said...

what a sleepy day it was! Good to know we have 3 more coming:)