Friday, September 19, 2008

Oh what a week!

This has been the week from hell. Grayson got sick Sunday night, my mom came Monday, Haven's MRI was on Tuesday, Ryan was sick on Wednesday, Haven's EEG was on Thursday...not to mention the two classes I teach and the online job!

The week is over. The family just went to dinner with the Fallon's at the Japense Steak house where we conspired to take over portions of Europe and the OBX with our brood in coming years! On the way home, I stopped at the Greek restaurant to pick up my FAVORITE Greek dessert, Galaktoboureko! Yum.

Now off to relax if you can believe it!


A Jersey Girl said...

So nice that this Hell Week is over! Now you can slow down and get back to your two jobs(three with your extra classes) school and being a full-time mom, a light week next week:)

Tribe Mama said...

I know, what a breeze it will be next week.

Except for Gray's well check, picking up papers at GMU, early release, the farm and a game on Tues, Weds orientation followed by a conference call followed by work, Thursday looks light, Friday I have to teach. My head hurts.