Monday, September 29, 2008

Too much time

I have had some free time this evening-shocked I know!

So, Em and I have begun the Christmas outfit crusade. As we do the present shopping early and we are both almost finished, this leaves ample time to shop for perfect outfits for the kids. Years ago when the girls were small, I always went all out with outfits, especially for the holidays. With the addition of our boy, a bigger house and mortgage, now I save my shopping sprees for holiday outfits. It can be incredibly difficult to dress three kids of varying ages in matching holiday attire which is age appropriate for all. I need to locate Christmas outfits, as well as pajamas, so I begin this early.

In looking around, Em and I found these outfits

The bonus is that they can wear the clothes all winter! I still need to check a few other places, and I must locate matching PJs, and then we will be all set! I know it is not even October 1st, but I am feeling the Christmas spirit!

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A Jersey Girl said...

since we have so much time this year, maybe we can find super cute, super cheap ones:)