Saturday, September 27, 2008

Umm, yeah I have OCD

So today was long, which I was expecting, but I am still smiling!

I got all of that awful grading done, four courses is just too much! I also managed to make a nice roast chicken dinner, no dessert (kids didn't behave well enough anyway), ran a few errands to finish Christmas gifts for the girls, cleaned up the house a bit and then my OCD REALLY took over.

I emptied all THREE freezers-and they were full, the big upright, and the two small fridge top freezer, organized it all and then created a log of what was where. I know geeky geeky. Even worse, I finally broke down and bought a crockpot, I am a pretty hands on cook, but even I have had to cave to the idea that some days, I need some help. I plan to use it mostly on Fridays when I am at class, I can set it up before I leave, and Ryan can make the sides so we can have dinner when I get home. Plus, I do like the idea of slow cooked soup. Soup is my favorite fall/winter food, so I am anxious to try some new recipes. Oh, and it uses less energy than the oven, so it is green :)


Ree said...

Oh I LOVE soups. Unfortunately, not everyone in my house does. I used to make an awesome chicken noodle. Did it for years--usually 2-3 times over the fall/winter. Until one day hubby said he really didn't like it! True, he's never been a big soup eater, but he does eat them occasionally--only certain one--and I thought mine was one. Guessed wrong!! At the time though he also wasn't much into chicken, which he now does eat more, so maybe I can reintroduce it! We'll see. He does like my bean soup, which I usually make after holidays [Christmas & Easter) using the ham bones that I have and my father gives me from his ham. I however, don't make them in the crock. Just in a big stock pot. I do LOVE the crock, as well!! Again, though not everyone likes those meals either!! I just can't win!!

Tribe Mama said...

My family is not always thrilled, especially if it is basil veggie soup or butternut squash soup. Now tortilla soup the will ALL eat, we like things spicy here, plus they enjoy Italian Meatball Soup, Navy Bean soup (hambone usage here too) and Chicken Noodle soup-we even add hot sauce to that!

Maybe your hubby would take better to a chicken tortilla soup, let me know if you want the recipe!

A Jersey Girl said...

Ok, without looking, what is in Freezer 2 top left shelf:)

I love your OCD(most of the time:)

Tribe Mama said...

Haha, you think you git me huh. Top Left of Freezer 2, and I am not looking, is home bagged veggies-butternut squash, green beans, kale and tomatoes :)

A Jersey Girl said...