Monday, September 1, 2008

You'd think I have nothing to do

with the amount of posts today. Truth be told, all the time I am not blogging, I am doing. I swear I am that OCD and that anxious of a person, hence the ribbing yesterday when I said I would sit and watch a WHOLE movie. I can't do it!

Anyway, a thought crossed my mind a few minutes ago while chopping carrots. I was looking at the pile, and in it were just a few perfect little carrots. They looked just like the ones from the store, orange, plump and straight. The thing is, there were only a few, maybe four or five, in the whole pile of at least 50 carrots. The rest of the bunch taste great, beautifully sweet, but they all look a little funny. Some are really stubby, some are bumpy, lots are crooked, and a few had two heads! When cutting the carrots to be blanched and frozen, I thought, wow, they are just like people! You have a very small group that look perfect, and the rest are a bit bumbly and different. The thing is, people expect the same from their veggies as other people. They only want the pretty ones,the perfect ones.

Those perfect veggies are dolled up,genetically modified and hybrid and not nearly as delicious as the kooky ones from the backyard. People are the same, the perfect ones are the select few, and the rest that "look" perfect are modified.

We should take a lesson from the backyard grower, the veggies make not look perfect, but they are just as good, if not better, than the fakey fake ones at the store. Same goes for people, love your bumpies and offshoots and differences!

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