Sunday, September 21, 2008

So sleepy

I was up well past 2 am, and the kiddos got up before 7:30! Grayson's cough sounds terrible, which is amazing since he is on meds! I am getting a sore throat, so I hope I can avoid strep. We bailed on church today-heathens-and instead I am making a nice sausage breakfast casserole.

I am also brewing coffee, and do not have my usual excitement. Since I ran out of my green beans and am waiting on a shipment, I am forced to drink store bought beans! I searched my grocery store high and low (trust me, Ryan was ready to kill me) for fair trade organic beans, but they only had organic OR fair trade! I ended up getting the fair trade, since I feel most strongly about it, and brought the beans home. I have to say, while they are a dark roast, the are just not as flavorful as the fresh roasted.

Alas, my beans will be here on Tuesday, and I ordered 10 lbs this time, so I will be set for awhile.

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