Monday, September 22, 2008

I will never have a flat butt

since it never sits down long enough.

So far, I have dropped the girls at school, grabbed Maggie, went to Target, went to Dr. Tom's, called Children's Hospital, gotten gas, driven to CSA pick up (it wasn't there yet), went to Mason, went back to CSA pick up, drove home and gave Maggie back to her parents, listened to Grayson have a fit, fed him lunch, checked emailed,called Children's Hospital AGAIN, and posted this.

In 15 minutes I need to take Grayson for a well check, then go wait in pick up line for Brittan, bring her home, help her with homework, make dinner, Haven will be dropped off, feed the kids, take Britt to soccer, come home, and write a paper and work.

This must end!


Ree said...
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Ree said...

GOD Bless You Girl!!

A Jersey Girl said...

you are soooooo lazy! Slow day tomorrow to I hope:)