Monday, September 29, 2008

What a day!!!!

It was a busy, yet fun, day!

Somehow we all made it out the door, even with Grayson having a small incident as we were leaving. Dropped the girls off, drove Gray over and he ran off when he got into school-guess he won't be missing me, very anti-climatic.

Met Em for some kid free errands. We killed the sales at Rite-Aid and Target, then drove and grabbed the CSA. We tried the TGIF's cheddar and bacon potato chips, please don't, they are ridiculously good and you will be addicted! Then home to drop off eggs and produce and back out to get the little ones. Maggie, Grayson and I dropped Em off at her car, then ran into her at Dr. Tom's, who was nice enough to postpone his lunch to give us adjustments-thanks Tom!

The babies and I came home, they ate and watched a movie while I vacuumed, did dishes, laundry, cleaned the bathroom, and started dinner. We had a leftover roast chicken that has now been transformed into one of my favorite dinners, chicken and dumplings! I even had enough chicken to freeze some for tortilla soup next week. The one thing I can do well, stretch one roast chicken into three meals for a family of five!

Now we are off to eat the delicious dinner and then clean up. Kids need baths and I need to write a paper. The days here are never slow and lazy, but we get a lot done and are a happy crew...most of the time!

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