Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Life gets messy.....

So this is where we are at right now.

Haven is beginning her anti seizure meds tonight. She will need to stay home from school tomorrow so I can see how she reacts to the medication. Brittan is sick, a bad cold, fever, cough and headache. Poor kid :( She will have to stay home tomorrow as well because of the fever.

My mom is coming on Monday, which I appreciate since we have so much going on, and I need some help keeping up on the house work and laundry, plus I need someone to watch Gray for me.

Ryan has taken off on Monday and Tuesday. Haven will have her MRI on Tuesday, they will knock her out which will make this bearable. She can't eat before hand, so I am sure she will be starving when she wakes up. Wednesday, we will see how Haven is, she will have to be off her meds, so she may have a hard time. Weds night she needs to stay up all night as Thursday she has a sleep deprived EEG at Children's Hospital.

Needless to say, I am a bit of a mess. Throw in work times two, school, three kids and a house, and it is a bit overwhelming. As always, I know we have love and support and we can weather any storm, I just wish there was no storm today.

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A Jersey Girl said...

Gosh, just because you needed to be busier than the me, you needed to add all this to your plate? I would have let you win with the 2 jobs and full-time school you know:)

Let me know if you need anything!