Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Toy Story and Little Boys

We had an interesting morning. In helping Britt find clothes, I come to find out that she has SHOVED all of the clean and folded clothes into the back of her closet! So I dig them out and start refolding, and send the kids down so Haven can pour their cereal. Then, as I am almost finished, I hear it...CRASH!

Down I go to find a broken bowl all over the floor, oh bother! So I clean it up, pour the cereal and start lunches. My girls took PB, green apple and honey sandwiches today, yummo!

Then we got them out the door, I cleaned up the house and Grayson and I settled in to watch a little Toy Story. I love these small moments, when my big boy of four climbs on my lap for snuggles, and lets me kiss his ear and hold him. It doesn't happen often, he is so big now that he rarely lets me smooch all over him and cuddle him, but just sometimes, he indulges me. I love each of my kiddos, and try every day to have a moment to hold them, look them in the eye and tell them why they are special and that I love them. It is time well spent, they are confident little creatures, secure in my love, and even when they break a bowl or mess up their clothes, they are still hugged, kissed and loved.


A Jersey Girl said...

Then you had to go and leave the house and that rotten Maggie ruined your nice boy:)

Tribe Mama said...

Haha, he has been plenty awful since we got home. They just feed off each other.