Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just keep yelling at me

OK, so this morning does not go down as a good mom morning. Haven pushed me and pushed me and I erupted at her. There, I admit it, perfect mothering is not in my DNA. I did try to make it right before school, but how can you really? I know how she feels, I know how much it sticks with you when you are yelled at, especially since I am yelled at all day long. Anyone who reads this knows that I teach FT online, PT on ground and I am getting a doctorate. I also do all the stay at home mommy things such as cooking from scratch, cleaning and child rearing. I have no hired help, none, no cleaning lady, no laundry lady, no cook and no child care. Needless to say I have a lot on my plate.

All day long, someone is yelling at me. Sometimes it is Grayson or Haven (Britt usually just whines if she is unhappy), Ryan has been on me about everything is seems lately, I have two extra classes I am covering and those students, along with my students (around 135 in all)who all feel the need to yell at me about their mistakes or their late work! I take zero time for myself, even today which should have been a stay at home and do housework day, I had to run out to bring Haven's agenda to school. Grayson wanted to go to lunch, so now he has asked every five minutes if we can go, um, no it is 9:30.

I just wish I could ENJOY life more and that everyone would stop yelling at me!

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