Monday, September 1, 2008

Feeling woozy

So, I did the dishes, got the kids dressed and we went and got the CSA. When I got home, I had around 400 million tomatoes from the CSA and the garden, so I decided to go ahead and get them peeled and frozen. Then I peeled the 12 ears of corn and got the peels in the compost. The kids pulled around25 carrots, those will need to be washed and blanched and frozen. The kids needed lunch, and while making their grilled cheeses, I started to feel really tired. This wasn't normal tired, this was the fall down on the floor and pass out and sleep for hours tired. Then it hit, the nausea and the weak feeling. Thankfully, the kids are eating and I am taking a few minutes for a break. Then I will go back and peel the last few tomatoes and get them in the freezer, and blanch the carrots. I also HAVE to make the girls cookies today and I really need to make sure I can seal the counters tonight. Not to mention work, filling forms out for the girls, dinner, laundry and general upkeep. Hopefully it will get easier when the girls go back to school!

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