Monday, September 15, 2008


I am a big believer in karma. I truly try to live my life the right way, every day, because I believe it is my responsibility as a human. In addition, I believe that the world will make you right your wrongs by throwing a whole lotta crud your way if you are evil...ah, karma.

Now here is my dilemma. Husband and I believe we live life as good people. So can someone explain why so much crud has been thrown at us the last two weeks? Not only does Haven have two major tests this week, including one which will check for brain growths, but we have been dealing with the implosion of Ryan's mom and brothers. We have offered our home to his mom, and if need be, his youngest brother. We have done so knowing his mom is an alcoholic and needs help and we have offered her a place to go to get help and to be her support, financially and emotionally. We have offered this knowing that we have Haven's health issues to deal with. So please, someone tell me why last night, the night before my mom comes to help out here, Grayson woke up, decided to spike a super high fever and throw up for hours on end? Oh did I mention the fact that one of my faculty members is in Texas and has been out of power since Friday and I am now covering her two classes as well? I know, too much for one week.

So please tell me this is a test, that we did not do anything to deserve the onslaught and that in the end karma will pay us back positively. Pretty please!


Ree said...

I feel the same way as you and sometimes wonder --WHY??
We are honest people and try to live the right way--when you see so many people who lie & cheat and seem to have it all, etc.--so why do the things that happen happen to us?? Great question!!
You know what they say--
The Lord doesn't give us MORE than he thinks we can handle!! Boy- we must be REALLY STRONG-huh??

Ree said...

Oh and I wish you luck with ALL your goings on!! God Bless!!!

A Jersey Girl said...

Um...maybe you are NOT a very good person:)

I believe that things happen. And they are destine to happen, but while it is a lot to deal with right now, your marriage is strong now. And you are there to support each other. And this are good with your family right now, and they are there for you to lean-on. So, you have a tom going on right now, but there is alot of good in your life too right now.

Your Most Insightful Friend(haha),