Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Something has to give


I woke up around 5 am having a panic attack, nice little nap I got there. I am very stressed, I am always stressed around this time, and while I logically understand that what is stressing me will get better in a few months, still stressed.

Then husband forwards me an email from his aunt, about his mom and brothers. I am not quite sure what she wants us to do, they are a walking timebomb, a wreck, but we can't fix it. We have tried all we can, but for some reason she feels it is Ryan's job...hmm, it's not. So more stress for me and hubby and I just feel really bad for him.

Then we find out that his OT won't be in Friday's check. Swell. Not like I needed now I had to rearrange the bills. Damn I hate September.

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