Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Why doesn't he get it?

My husband has bad days at work, busy days and weeks just like everyone else. WHy can't he see that I too have bad days at work, and really busy weeks too at my job too, but I have to work while also doing the job of caring for 3 kids and a house.

This week at work and school is AWFUL! New mentees, old mentees, new course start, old course end, name it, I have it in the next three days. Right now I am getting ready for 3 hours of back to back calls, which I will then top off with a paper I have to write. Not to mention that tomorrow is the ONLY day Ryan is here to help me prep for the work we are doing next week, PLUS I have a paper due tomorrow and one Saturday, and my regular job.

Maybe I should send the kids with him to work so he can see what it is like....

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