Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Beef, Blood and Bins

So, I am supposed to be writing my paper. It is outlined and I have the research, I just can't seem to get going on the actual writing. Ah well, after I post, I will finish up.

So tonight, as I am grilling steaks to go with the rice, tomato salad and pasta salad that I made for dinner, we had a few mishaps. The first took place as I started to cut the meat for the children. Grayson came in carrying the canister to my vacuum. Well, my hand were dirty, so I called Haven over to help because I didn't want Gray to dump the canister all over my freshly mopped floor. Needless to say, they emptied the canister NEXT to the trash can. So I send them away as I finish making plates and then I hear it....the blood curdling scream from upstairs, and it kept getting closer. It was Haven, with blood pouring out of her mouth. Thankfully she is my oldest and eight, so I didn't freak, just grabbed a paper towel and ice pack. Turns out her sister kicked her in the mouth "by accident." So we fixed her up, and served up dinner. At least everyone ate, and the ice pops after dinner made her mouth feel better.

Ok I will write the paper.

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