Friday, August 15, 2008

We aren't MIA

We have just been BUSY!!!

Ryan was off yesterday, and I have so much going on at work. We did some work in the garage, I did a million calls and wrote a paper. You know it is busy when I order pizza for dinner. One big bonus, while cleaning out the garage, we found the box that had my German incense burner. My parent's brought him back from their trip there years ago, he is a chef because I like to cook, and he blows the incense smoke out of his mouth...he looks a little like this but mine is cuter :)

Today I went out and robbed, err, shopped at a few stores. I did so awesome, for 125 dollars, I bought:
4 kid's jeans
1 kid's corduroy pants
1 kid's dress
6 kid's shirts (cute hoodie ones too)
3 kid's tights
5 air fresheners things
2 shaving gel
hamster chewies
2 38 lb vats of cat litter
8 boxes of cereal
1 frisbee
2 10 packs of pencils
2 magnetic lists
10 packs of cheese
3 pudding
3 jello
2 bbq sauce
2 butter
3 boxes pasta
12 koolaid packets (hey they never go bad!)
1 bag of dog food

Not too shabby!


Ree said...

How do you do it? Please let me in on your secret cause I could sure use it!!!

Tribe Mama said...

Send me an email and I will tell you :)

Ree said...

Ok, that'd be great! But I need your e-mail!

Tribe Mama said...

Whoops, thought there was an email button on here :)

I posted a comment to you with my email, since you have comments moderated. I don't want my email out there for the whole world to see :)