Thursday, August 21, 2008


Here's the thing, I used to believe that people were for the most part good and kind. That they wanted to do the right thing, and that they cared about others. Well, I was wrong.

I decided I am just quiting...quiting trying to be part of it all, quiting caring about anyone except my family, quiting looking for the best in people... because no one gives a damn. The worst part is, this makes me the happiest I have been in two months. A huge weight has been lifted and now I get to be one of those people I deal with daily, the ones who don't give a crap, I can see the appeal of it all, although it is quite sad. Maybe someday I will be proven wrong again, I would like that very much.


Ree said...

Unfortunately, you have to be that way--it is sooooo TRUE!!
We learned this some time ago and we still have trouble doing it but not so much--esp. when we run into ONE of those people!!

Tribe Mama said...

Yep. Thing is, I was stupid enough to believe people cares, but after getting hurt time and again, and seeing my kids get hurt, I am over it.