Monday, August 18, 2008

Csa super food

I don't know how to express my love for my CSA. Is it a pain some weeks to go get the stuff, yes. Is it worth it, always.

One of the small steps we made when starting to change our lifestyle was in our food choices. Knowing the food going into my kids really makes me happy. Yes they occasionally eat junk, yes there is Kool Aid in my fridge, we are by no means perfect, but there are things I saw that we could change.

This year our garden took a hit during the floods we had. I am so grateful that every week I get a beautiful supply of fresh food for my family. The kids look forward to seeing what is in the bag, and I look forward to serving it to them. Thanks to the abundance we have received some weeks, we have been able to freeze some of the stuff including beans and tomatoes. Today I have a batch of CSA beans and a batch of our beans to be frozen. We also have a lot of tomatoes, so some will be peeled frozen. This week our garden tomatoes are almost ready to pick, and if we get them all, we should have around 40-60 tomatoes....can we say canned spaghetti sauce :)

off to check the garden and blanch the beans. Dinner tonight is kielbasi, roasted squashed potatoes and beans, plus melon for the kiddos.

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