Sunday, August 10, 2008

Shop til you drop

We have been busy today, lots of errands to run!

Last night I went to get my newspapers, and a few other items and I rocked the cash register :)

It all rang up to 49, I paid 9!!!!!

Today we did pretty well again, the kids and I did Bloom and Rite Aid

Bloom-shelf price $79, I paid 35.
Rite Aid-shelf price $23, I paid 10 and will get an additional $2 back

I love getting what we need for next to nothing, that is how to feed a family of five, and they still eat primarily home made. Most of my savings come from things for school (snacks, etc) and things like shampoo, etc.


Ree said...

Are the savings just with coupons? I used to save a lot w/them but not so much anymore!

Tribe Mama said...

I use coupons and an online service. The service helps match the coupons with the sales and it has made a huge difference. I used to just use coupons, but found it difficult and confusing because I never knew when to use them, etc. Send me an email and I will send you the info :)