Saturday, August 2, 2008

Rainy morning

So we are having a quiet morning. I scheduled myself for 4 straight hours of training for work, yuck! At least I can stay muted and do things like switch laundry, vacuum, mop, etc while getting trained :)

I am bribing the kids with cinnamon rolls while I am on the calls, that should buy me about 15 minutes. I also have a new movie to keep them entertained.

It is a rainy day here, good for the garden and for the soul, I needed a reason to have a slow day. On the agenda today: laundry, move Haven's clothes, mop the kitchen, bathroom, dining room and family room, a paper and dinner. I may even treat myself to a mvie this afternoon with tea.

I think tonight we will have meatloaf, dilled roasted potatoes and green beans, maybe I will toss together popovers or biscuits. Tomorrow is the grocery shopping planning day, I am hoping for good deals on kid's snacks and cheese, since I need to get ready for back to school. It is so close!

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