Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Parenting is hard

So, I am emotionally and physically drained. We worked hard doing the kitchen, and I was up late most nights working as well. We have also been struggling a bit with our oldest, and I am concerned we are facing another health/learning issue with her. I know what a smart, funny, sweet and all around fabulous kid she is, but it seem something always gets in the way of all the good things coming out.

Poor Haven has been dealt a tough hand, and I fear this next item will be hard to handle as well. We will see the doctor on Saturday and hopefully I will have some idea of what we are dealing with, and we can go from there.

Being Haven's mom has been tough from Day 1, and I just want to be sure that we are able to give her what she needs, so the true girl can shine through.

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Ree said...

Sorry to hear about her set back!! Hope all works out--Good Luck & GOD Bless!!