Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My baby

My baby, Grayson, turns four tomorrow. His was a difficult pregnancy and we almost lost him, but he held on and so did we, and we were thrilled to have a boy join the tribe.

Grayson has had my heart since day one. Even now, when he is in a phase where he is testing limits and really pushing me, I love him immensely. Don't get me wrong, I love the girlies loads too, but Gray, he is my baby and he has his mama's heart.

I cannot believe he is four, the time has gone so quickly. I have been home since he was born, with the exception of the two days a week I teach and he is with Daddy. I couldn't even bear to send him to preschool last year, but he will go this year and I will be sad.

He is a funny, smart, loving boy. He can make me laugh when no one else can. We call him the politician, he always has an answer and a justification, he can flash a smile and change your mind. I could see him kissing babies and winking at the mama's and winning them over. He is also quite the ladies man, always getting hugs from them and he can spot a pretty girl a mile away.

Happy Birthday Grayson, you make my days bright and interesting. I love you to the moon and back sweet boy!

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