Thursday, August 28, 2008

Secret hopes...

Is it wrong to hope that the rain we are finally getting keeps up so that 1. I don't have to take Haven to riding in the morning and 2. I don't have to water my garden tomorrow

First class went fine, they stare at me like I have ten heads and don't all, same old thing. No worries, soon enough I know they will become so chatty that I will have to shush them. Plus I am the ultra cool prof who lets them go crazy early the first week. I love teaching on ground, but it really bugs me to have to be somewhere at a particular time, I know I am spoiled, but remember this is my PT job, I ALSO have a FT job that I can do in my PJs. One job would be swell.

I wish my parents would get that while we make decent money, we don't have any. Comments from them regarding how much money my grandfather left and how they have no use for it at all makes me crazy. Hint...over 100K in student loans, I could put that moolah to use. Oh well, they get to make that decision, not me, so I am busy investigating a business opportunity, while writing a book, teaching at two schools, getting a doctorate and raising three kids (and a partridge in a pear tree)

Just my secret hopes :)


Ree said...

How do you do it all?? GOD Bless you!! What is your FT job, BTW??

Tribe Mama said...

I am not sure how it all gets done, but it does. I do have a few massive breakdowns a year, which is to be expected.

My full time position is as an instructor at an online school. My part time position is as an adjunct professor at a local university.

So many jobs, so little money?

Ree said...

Teachers are most definitely UNDERPAID!!