Friday, August 1, 2008

Burns my britches Part 2

So yesterday someone rings our bell. We have a no soliciting sign since I cannot stand having people try to sell me their religion, their tree service and their politics at my front door. Husband and I opened the door, it is some lady telling us how she is raising money for single moms, buy a magazine and you can donate it to a charity and that everything is tax deductible. As I am leaving to get husband the check book, I hear her explain that half the money goes to her....hmmm, I know non profits, I have worked with them, worked for them and really understand the process, and that is not the process. I alert husband who stupidly still gives the woman $60!!!!!!!!!

I call the company today and asked them flat out if they are a 501c3...they are not. The woman told us that this was tax deductible, it is not, and I am furious! The thing is, we do give to charity, and I know how hard those who volunteer and work for charity groups work to raise money, and it is people like this that make it difficult for true charities to get the donations they need.

Needless to say, I registered a complaint and my check will not be cashed. Husband also learned a lesson, when it comes to donations, DO NOT give money when the wife tels you not to, he got a huge lecture on all the true charities that suffer at the hands of people like this.

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