Saturday, August 30, 2008

Smacked down, again

I took Haven to the neurologist today since she has been really off the last few weeks. Behavior is bad, not listening, not following directions. Everyone kept saying it was ADD and I knew in my gut it wasn't. Haven has had a rough go, heart condition (cured as of this year!), SEVERE reflux and gastric issues (under control), food allergies (forever and ever) and a few other small things. We went and the doctor was wonderful. I explained what was going on and she told me right from the start that Haven didn't have ADD/ADHD because she played so well and was occupied while we were talking, so I thought, WHEW! Then she gave her another test....she made her hyperventilate....she had a seizure.

So, she wasn't being bad, or difficult, she has a seizure disorder. Man, that hit me...hard. I guess we will just go forward, get the EEG to confirm and start meds.

Bad, hard day.

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