Sunday, August 31, 2008

Oh so sleepy

The stress of yesterday kept me up last night, very, very, late. I had also taken a pill that normally makes me sleepy, so when I finally went to sleep around 2:30/3 am, it made it really hard to get up this morning. The kids slept until 8, which is awesome when you are exhausted, but will be terrible come Tuesday when they need to go to school. Needless to sa, the house is very dark, I fed the kids waffles and indulgent cinnamon rolls (I know how to buy myself peace) and now I am just sitting here, thinking of falling asleep.

There are a ton of dishes, so maybe I will get those finished and just doze on the couch, I mean the kids are 8,6, and 4, what could happen??? Hahhhhhhhahhhhahhah!

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A Jersey Girl said...

I'm with ya. Husband and I fell asleep about then too(and not for any fun reason:) Declan was up until 12:30 and Maggie was awake by 4am. A long night! We are never gonna be able to get up for school!