Thursday, August 21, 2008

I am getting excited!!

Today we have a lot to do, right now Haven and Ryan are at riding and I am about to go upstairs, vacuum and clean the bathroom. When they return, we will dust the living room, family room and playroom, feed the kids lunch and at 1:30 I will take the girls for well checks. Most likely, I will be taking Grayson with me so Ryan can concentrate on finally finishing the garage and the mudroom. Then after the pediatrician, I will make dinner (BBQ beef, corn on the cob, sweet potatoes and salad) and then Britt has soccer practice! If all goes well, the entire house will be cleaned, the garage done, a dinner made and all appointments kept. I also MUST go and get the paint for the kitchen, I cannot wait to get it up on the walls!

Tomorrow Ryan and I will empty the kitchen and take the cabinet doors down. I will also begin patching the walls from where the chair rail was and my parents will be here in the afternoon, and I hope we can get started painting and installing the door that evening.

I am getting excited-the house will look great!

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